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Grand Solmar knows that at times, there are life events that can’t be foreseen. Even when everything is seemingly going as plan, sometimes some devastating incident can throw a kink in the works, putting a damper on the festivities. When these events occur, services oftentimes need to be cancelled.

1. The Sooner the Better – The more quickly the rental car company is aware of the cancellation, the more of a chance there will not be any penalties or fees. Usually, these only apply if the reservation is canceled less than 48 hours in advance. Grand Solmar shares that if possible; cancel reservations as soon as any circumstance that will prevent travelers from reaching their final destination occurs.

2. Consider changing rather than canceling completely – Many car rental companies offer travelers the chance to change the date of their reservation with a small penalty, or sometimes no penalty at all, as long as it is done prior to the date of the reservation. This might be a better option for all those out there who will be rescheduling their trips to a later date, rather than dealing with the cancelation process.

3. Third party sites vary- While booking on these sites seems like an enticing way to save money, these sites also sometimes feature their own version of cancellation policies. It’s important to remember for those who haven’t used these sites before that the website or the travel agent that assisted them actually owns that reservation. Therefore, trying to cancel through the car rental agency won’t really result in making your cancellation effective. A lot of times, these sites also don’t offer any refund or may even carry fines when cancelling.

Grand Solmar hopes that these tips will help travelers deal with their rental car cancellations in a less stressful manner, especially when dealing with any unfortunate circumstances that led to the cancellation in the first place.