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If you are planning on traveling with a baby, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that traveling by plane is probably one of your best options since it is faster and means that you will not have to restrict you child for as long as you would if you chose another mode of travel. It’s a convenient way to travel, but Grand Solmar Timeshare also knows that riding on a plane with a baby is an experience that can be improved. Here are some tips for the next time you and your baby fly that will help you navigate the trip.

  • Change baby in the airport: Some airplanes do not have changing tables, and you are going to be very sorry if you waited to change your baby only to find this out too late. Change the baby before you board to avoid any accidents.
  • Sit with other families: If your flight allows open seating, try to sit with other groups that have children. These groups will probably be more understanding if your baby gets fussy, and if you have children that are similar ages, letting them interact may help prevent fussiness, says Grand Solmar Timeshare.

Choose longer layovers: If your trip requires a layover and you have an option for how long, take the longer option. You do not want to be rushed with a baby and the extra time will let you make sure that baby gets changed, gets to eat, and gets to play. Further, if you wear them out in between flights, the baby will sleep through your second flight, says Grand Solmar Timeshare.