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Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that travel can be a pleasure that offers many rewards. However troubles sometimes arise and inevitably there arises a complaint or two. The most common travel complaints arise related to air travel. There are no guarantees related to airline flights. While air pilots and air traffic controllers do their best to ensure that flights arrive on time, delays sometimes happen.

There are many reasons for this including weather changes which airline agencies cannot control. Other reasons may include the need for repairs to the engine or other mechanical repairs, or refueling. There are several steps however that you can take to reduce the odds you will experience a flight delay or cancellation.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that taking an early flight, or the first flight of the day, can help reduce the odds of delays resulting from connecting flights. Nonstop flights are also less likely to experience delays. If you do need to book a flight with a connection, make sure that you give yourself enough time between flights so that you are not rushing to make your connection.

Grand Solmar Timeshare understands that, of course, when problems result from weather, there is not much you can do. Many airlines will offer you another flight on the very next flight out if your flight ends up being cancelled as soon as space is available without charge to you. If the delay is too long you can always check with another carrier. Many airlines will endorse the ticket you have, or you can ask for a refund for your cancelled flight. Check ahead of time and see what your ticket carrier’s policies are and consider travelers insurance to avoid excessive problems while traveling.